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AERO TRUFFLE Milk Chocolate Valentine’s Heart

180 g

Give the gift of pure chocolate bliss with the AERO TRUFFLE Milk Chocolate Valentine’s Heart Gift Box. Our gift box is filled with individually wrapped, irresistible AERO TRUFFLE™ pieces. Unfold and delight with the perfect combination - a rich, creamy truffle filling layered on top of our signature bubbly AERO milk chocolate and sealed within a delicate chocolate shell. This decadent treat is meant to be savoured and shared with special people; so together you can melt into the moment.

Features and Benefits Nutrition Information Ingredients
Features and Benefits

AERO TRUFFLE Milk Chocolate Valentine’s Heart Features and Benefits

  • Our classic bubbly AERO® milk chocolate is combined with a decadent chocolate truffle filling, creating an indulgent moment that is meant to be shared

  • Perfectly portioned and individually-wrapped AERO TRUFFLE™ pieces in a premium, beautifully-decorated gift box

  • AERO TRUFFLE™ Milk Chocolate Valentine’s Heart Gift Box is made with natural flavours, and produced right here in Canada

  • We purchase 100% Sustainably Sourced Cocoa certified by UTZ, as part of the NESTLÉ COCOA PLAN®. We work with UTZ and farmers to improve the quality of their products and strengthen their communities

  • Melt into the moment with AERO TRUFFLE™

Nutrition Information

AERO TRUFFLE Milk Chocolate Valentine’s Heart Nutrition Information

Per 4 pieces (36 g)
% DV




13 g
17 %

Saturated Fat

7 g
36 %

Trans Fat

0.1 g


10 mg


25 mg
1 %


20 g


1 g
4 %


19 g
19 %


2 g
% DV


150 mg
3 %


50 mg
4 %


0.75 mg
4 %

In the event of any discrepancy between the information listed on this website and on each individual package, please refer to the information listed on package.


AERO TRUFFLE Milk Chocolate Valentine’s Heart Ingredients

modified milk ingredients
cocoa butter
unsweetened chocolate
modified palm oil
soy lecithin
cocoa powder
polyglycerol polyricinoleate
natural flavour