COFFEE-MATE Original Powder

1.9 kg

There’s nothing quite like a deliciously creamy tasting cup of coffee or tea with COFFEE-MATE® Original Powder (1.4 kg). Thanks to this classic COFFEE-MATE® powdered coffee enhancer it’s never been easier to create the perfect cup of velvety goodness any time of day. Plus, COFFEE-MATE® is lactose free. Now with an easy grip handle, COFFEE-MATE® has never been easier to pour. Plus, our new packaging is also recyclable! Fall in love with COFFEE-MATE®’s smooth & rich taste! Whether starting your day or taking a moment to recharge, the rich, creamy taste of COFFEE-MATE® Original is the perfect way to wake up your cup.

    COFFEE-MATE Original Powder Features and Benefits

    • Classic rich and creamy tasting COFFEE-MATE® creates the perfect cup of velvety goodness

    • Around one teaspoon will transform your coffee and tea every time – morning, noon or night

    • COFFEE-MATE® has been keeping your tea and coffee rich and creamy tasting since 1961

    • Lactose free COFFEE-MATE® pairs perfectly with a cup of NESCAFE® instant coffee

    • New recyclable package with an easy grip handle makes it even easier to pour

    COFFEE-MATE Original Powder Nutrition Information

    Per 2/3 tsp (2 g)
    % DV
    1 g
    0 g
    0 %
    0.5 g
    1 %
    0 mg
    Saturated Fat
    0.5 g
    3 %
    Trans Fat
    0 g
    % DV
    10 mg
    1 %
    30 mg
    1 %
    Vitamin A
    0 %
    Vitamin C
    0 %

    COFFEE-MATE Original Powder Ingredients

    Sugars (Glucose Syrup), Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Oil, Dipotassium Phosphate, Modified Milk Ingredients, Calcium Carbonate, Monoglycerides, DATEM, Artificial Flavour, Annatto.

    Dispose of label

    Recycle container and cap