Nestlé® Good Start® Powder Infant Formula Clumping when Mixing 

Tuesday, February 01, 2022

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Add water first, then shake immediately.

We understand how frustrating it can be to see clumps when mixing your powdered formula. We take every precaution to ensure clumping of the formula does not occur, and the flow of the powder is verified during laboratory testing that is conducted per batch, prior to the product’s release to the market. If cans are open for a period of time, and are stored in a humid area, refrigerator, or water enters the can during handling and preparation, the powder will clump. 

We have a few ways to help say goodbye to clumps for good: 

  • Add the water first: Water, then powder…always. 

  • Test the temperature: For the best mixing results, ensure you’re using lukewarm water. 

  • Don’t wait to shake it! Shake the bottle immediately after you’ve added the powder to the water. Shake vigorously!  

Rest assured that we make every effort to highlight the storage recommendations throughout the distribution chain, as well as on the label.  

Always follow the label instructions—it’s important for the health of your baby.