Nestlé Canada proudly supports Toonies for Tummies in 2022! 

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Supporting local communities in need.  

At Nestlé Canada, we know that supporting our communities is a critical part of who we are. With our size and scale, we know that we can make a difference and as part of our Nestlé Cares program we’re proud to partner with organizations that can help us make the most profound impact. That’s why, we’re pleased to share that Nestlé Canada’s KITKAT is participating in the Toonies for Tummies 2022 Campaign.    

Hosted by The Grocery Foundation, the campaign proudly supports the Breakfast Club of Canada. Their goal is to raise $4M during this year's campaign and 100% of proceeds raised will benefit local student nutrition programs.    

Ready to get involved? It’s simple! You can purchase any of the select sponsoring brands from Toonies for Tummies (for Nestlé Canada, that’s any of our Kit Kat SKUs) – OR you can simply donate $2 or more at a participating retailer during their Toonies for Tummies campaign.   

The campaign kicks off Nationally so you may start seeing the campaign in your store anywhere from January 13 until March 31. This year, there are new enhancements to the online donation capabilities, making it extra simple to not only make a donation at the store, but to directly donate on the website.  

All donations benefit local student nutrition programs in the communities where the donations are made. Using the “Toonie Tracker” on, donations can be tracked with a postal code and the impact on local programs can be seen.  

Help make feeding children a priority. Give a toonie, fill a tummy.  

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