Although many DRUMSTICK flavours don’t include peanuts or other tree nuts, our products have not been validated for the absence of these ingredients. Therefore, they may contain traces of these items, so please always read our labels for allergen warnings. 

    All DRUMSTICK products are Kosher certified. 


      All of our flavours are carefully crafted from 100% Canadian cow’s milk. For many years, we’ve been proud partners of the Dairy Farmers of Ontario. All Canadian milk is hormone free since Bovine Growth Hormone is not approved for use in Canada, therefore all Canadian milk is hormone free (unlike US milk (non-organic).

      The liquid and granular sugar used for making our products is decolourized by filtration through a bed of activated carbon or ion-exchange resin. It is not bone char and no bone char is used. The sugar used in all our products is kosher.

      Yes, all of our mixes for ice cream and water ice mixes are pasteurized. All finished products must meet the CFIA release standards.

      No, Nestlé does not use any artificial colours in their ice cream products. All colours are derived from natural sources.

      All of our DRUMSTICK products are made locally in our London, Ontario factory.


        Currently, all our cartons are recyclable and made with 100% recycled paperboard. We are committed to making the remainder of our packaging, including individual wrappers fully recyclable by 2025. While there is still work to be done, there has been a considerable amount of progress in ensuring that we find the right balance between the adequate and minimal amount of paperboard used to package our products.

        A key sustainability initiative of the DRUMSTICK production team is our guarantee that zero waste will go to landfill when crafting our products. Essentially, we do not send any waste from our London, Ontario factory to landfill. We have an extensive recycling program, and whatever food waste does not get composted, is sent to local farms.


          DRUMSTICK is available across Canada in major grocery stores, including Sobeys, Metro, Walmart, Loblaws, FreshCo, IGA, Safeway and Save on Foods. Also, they’re conveniently available in a Single Serve format, widely available in Convenience and Gas Stores, as well as many other venues across Canada.


            For the best enjoyment, we recommend that DRUMSTICK be consumed within one month from the date of purchase, however our products can last up to one year if kept frozen appropriately.