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SMARTIES Stop-Motion Video

Ever wanted to create your very own stop-motion video? We will teach you how with SMARTIES!
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Skill level: Beginner

What you need

What you need to make a video

1 Camera/Phone
1 Tripod
1 Clean Surface

How to prepare


Place your camera on the tripod and point down towards a clean surface (where your SMARTIES will be placed) from birds eye view.

Check the viewfinder to make sure you have enough space in frame to create your SMARTIES stop-motion canvas.

Organize your SMARTIES into the shape you would like to end the video with and snap a photo. Be careful not to move the camera!

Move SMARTIES away from each other. Snap a photo every time you move them until there are no more SMARTIES in your camera frame (around 10-15 pictures).

Import your images into any video editing app with the last photo as your first one. Adjust to your desired length.

Hit play! You have now created your SMARTIES stop-motion video.


Need a Tripod?

No tripod, no problem! Move your SMARTIES stop-motion canvas onto a lower surface, and place your phone on the edge of a table or chair with the camera pointing down at your masterpiece. Be careful not to drop your phone!

Create any shape!

You can create anything with your SMARTIES stop-motion video. Head to our Instagram @SMARTIES_ca for more inspiration!