TURTLES Dark Chocolate Holiday Gift Box

134 g

It’s the classically indulgent taste of TURTLES, with a dark side. TURTLES Dark Chocolate Holiday Gift Box (134 g) is a specially decorated box and full of individually-wrapped TURTLES – perfect for giving to that special someone. There’s no denying the rich dark chocolate, smooth caramel, and pecan pieces. The slow pull of creamy caramel and the crunch of pecans all covered by a dark chocolate layer is nothing less than pure delight. Maybe if you’re lucky, the person you gift this to will share a piece back, and have you saying, “Mmm… I love TURTLES!”.

    TURTLES Dark Chocolate Holiday Gift Box Features and Benefits

    • Individually-wrapped, this delicious, chewy mouthful is the perfect combination of delectable rich dark chocolate filled with creamy caramel and crunchy pecans

    • TURTLES are gluten free, made with quality ingredients and all natural flavours

    • A holiday favourite chocolate, this festively-decorated box is easy to gift to your loved ones

    • Perfect for sharing a warm, indulgent bite to make your special holiday moments magical

    • We purchase 100% Sustainably Sourced Cocoa certified by UTZ, as part of the NESTLE COCOA PLAN. We work with UTZ and farmers to improve the quality of their products and strengthen their communities

    TURTLES Dark Chocolate Holiday Gift Box Nutrition Information

    Per 2 pieces (34 g)
    % DV
    19 g
    0 %
    1 g
    4 %
    13 g
    13 %
    11 g
    15 %
    5 mg
    Saturated Fat
    4 g
    20 %
    Trans Fat
    0 g
    2 g
    30 mg
    1 %
    % DV
    20 mg
    2 %
    0.2 mg
    1 %
    50 mg
    1 %

    TURTLES Dark Chocolate Holiday Gift Box Ingredients

    Sugars (sugar, glucose syrup), pecans, unsweetened chocolate, modified milk ingredients, cocoa butter, modified palm oil, soy lecithin, natural vanilla flavour, salt.


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