Never poached an egg? No worries, we got you!

Friday, April 29, 2022

To get started you’ll need: 

2x free-range eggs (or whatever you have on hand, straight from the fridge is fine) 

1x tbsp white vinegar (optional) 

1x medium size pot

1x slotted spoon (if you have one, not a necessity) 

2x small bowls or ramekins 

1x spatula 

1x mesh strainer  


1)Take a deep breath, you got this! 

2)Start with boiling water with at least 6-7 inches of water in the pot, then turn heat down to a gentle bubbling and add one tbsp of vinegar 

3)Crack 1 egg into mesh strainer – allow thin whites to strain in a small bowl – (keep leftover whites in the fridge for an egg-white omelette another day) Repeat with second egg (you should have two eggs in two separate bowls (or ramekins) 

4)Using a spatula give the water a twirl, creating a lil’ tornado and GENTLY transfer both eggs (one at a time) to the simmering water (VERY IMPORTANT – you’re aiming for a gentle boil, bubbles shooting up from the bottom is what you want (medium to low heat)