Coffee or Tea Curdle After Adding Coffee Mate ®

Friday, February 04, 2022

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We completely understand how disappointing this can be, but it may be caused by something harmless. If you have confirmed that your bottle of COFFEE MATE is not passed its’ expiry date, this can what is known as “beverage feathering”. This looks like curdling but it’s actually a harmless physical reaction that does not mean your COFFEE MATE has gone bad or that the quality is off.

This can become especially apparent when our COFFEE MATE is added to very hot or strong coffee or tea. It may also occur if it’s added to a beverage made with very hard water. 

We always appreciate feedback from our consumers. If you wish to send us the product information, we would be happy to share this information with our Quality Assurance team for ongoing improvements and awareness.

TIP: Give the bottle a good shake before using and stir your coffee before enjoying.


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