NESQUIK Chocolate Powder (540 g)

540 g

Wake up your milk with NESQUIK Chocolate Powder- NEW recipe & look; with the same great taste! Made with no artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners. It's also enriched with iron and vitamins A, B3 and C to promote the maintenance of your child's good health. Enjoy as part of a balanced breakfast or afternoon snack, with the taste your child will love. It's quick and easy; simply scoop, stir, and enjoy for a delicious glass of our classic chocolate milk made with real cocoa. NESQUIK is the fun & delicious way to enjoy the nutritious benefits of milk!

    NESQUIK Chocolate Powder (540 g) Features and Benefits

    • NESQUIK Chocolate Powder 540 g wakes up your milk with delicious cocoa
    • We purchase 100% Sustainably Sourced Cocoa certified by Rainforest Alliance, as part of the NESTLÉ COCOA PLAN
    • Made with no artificial flavours, colours, or sweeteners & is enriched with iron and vitamins A B3 C

    • Enjoy in the morning or afternoons with a meal, or just on its own

    • Perfect to mix with both milk or non-dairy alternatives

    NESQUIK Chocolate Powder (540 g) Nutrition Information

    Per 2 tbsp (14 g)
    % DV
    12 g
    1 g
    4 %
    10 g
    10 %
    0.5 g
    1 %
    0 mg
    Saturated Fat
    0.1 g
    1 %
    Trans Fat
    0 g
    1 g
    30 mg
    1 %
    % DV
    10 mg
    1 %
    1.75 mg
    10 %
    4.5 mg
    28 %
    125 mg
    3 %
    Vitamin A
    33 %
    Vitamin C
    23 mg
    26 %
    Vitamin D
    0 mg
    0 %

    NESQUIK Chocolate Powder (540 g) Ingredients

    Sugar, Cocoa*, Soy Lecithin, Salt, Sodium Ascorbate (Vitamin C), Tricalcium Phosphate, Ferric Phosphate (Iron), Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Vitamin A Palmitate, Natural Flavour. *Rainforest Alliance Certified.

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