Frozen Hot Chocolate: The Drink of the Summer

Wednesday, May 08, 2024

The sun-soaked days of summer are almost here, so we’re sharing a recipe that we’re sure will soon be trending everywhere! It’s perfect for cooling down during those warm afternoons. Plus it's quick, it's delicious and it's about to become your special treat for the season: Frozen Hot Chocolate!

A Twist on a Classic Cozy Drink 

We’ve all savoured the comforting warmth of hot chocolate on chilly days, but who says it can only be enjoyed hot? We’re switching things up for a cool, creamy twist that’s perfect for summer. 

What You’ll Need

Let’s Make It!

The magic happens in no time and with almost no effort. Just toss all your ingredients into an electric blender, blend until smooth and voilà! You’ve got a velvety, frosty treat that looks as dreamy as it tastes.

Why You’ll Love This

Not only is Frozen Hot Chocolate a breeze to make, but it's also a fantastic way to delight your kids with a special treat that feels indulgent, minus any complicated steps. It’s a perfect way to spend some quality time with your little ones. Let them toss in the ingredients and hit “blend” (under your watchful eye, of course!).

Endless Variations to Keep It Exciting

Once you’ve mastered the basic recipe, get creative! Add a scoop of vanilla or chocolate Häagen-Dazs for an extra rich texture, sprinkle in some cinnamon or nutmeg for a spicy twist or top it off with whipped cream and chocolate shavings for a barista-worthy drink.

Perfect for Every Summer Occasion

Whether it's a backyard BBQ or a family movie night, Frozen Hot Chocolate is going to be your favourite specialty drink. It’s also a fabulous addition to any birthday party menu! Imagine sipping on this chilled chocolatey delight as you watch the kids play and laugh. It’s the simple things!

Share the Love

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