Coffee Crisp Snack Size 25ct Box

300 g
Savour the crispiness that MAKES A NICE LIGHT SNACK. NESTLÉ COFFEE CRISP Mini Bars 25-Pack (300 g) is perfect for sharing the satisfying harmony of crispy wafer, coffee-crème filling and a thin, chocolatey coating. NESTLÉ COFFEE CRISP mini bars are prepared in a peanut-free facility in Canada and made with only natural flavours, and 100% sustainably sourced cocoa. Trick-or-treating at Halloween, road trips, beach days – no matter the occasion – these candies are sure to delight. 25 mini bars are perfectly portioned and individually wrapped for you to enjoy with friends and family. It's no wonder why COFFEE CRISP has been a Canadian tradition for decades!

    Coffee Crisp Snack Size 25ct Box Features and Benefits

    • Miniature, individually wrapped versions of your favourite NESTLÉ COFFEE CRISP mini bars. Delicious bites of crispy wafers with a coffee-crème filling, and a thin, chocolatey coating
    • Perfect for trick-or-treating at Halloween or sharing with friends and family and made with natural flavours
    • Our cocoa is sustainably sourced and 100% certified, as part of the NESTLÉ COCOA PLAN. By working with the Rainforest Alliance, Nestlé supports cocoa farmers and the quality of their products.
    • Made in a peanut-free facility in Toronto, Canada

    • We proudly support Kids Help Phone! NESTLÉ Canada has raised more than $11.5 million in support of Kids Help Phone over the last 32 years

    Coffee Crisp Snack Size 25ct Box Nutrition Information

    Per 3 Bars (36g)
    % DV
    0 %
    24 g
    Dietary Fiber
    1 g
    4 %
    16 g
    16 %
    9 g
    12 %
    5 mg
    0 %
    Saturated Fat
    5 g
    25 %
    2 g
    0 %
    35 mg
    2 %
    % DV
    40 mg
    3 %
    0.75 mg
    4 %
    100 mg
    2 %

    Coffee Crisp Snack Size 25ct Box Ingredients

    Sugar, Wheat Flour, Palm and Vegetable Oils, Modified Milk Ingredients, Unsweetened Chocolate*, Cocoa Butter*, Soy Lecithin, Coffee, Baking Soda, Cocoa Powder*, Yeast, Polyglycerol Polyricinoleate, Natural Flavour, Protease, Xylanase. *Rainforest Alliance certified.

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