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The Bar
This is no ordinary chocolate bar. Each bite represents a unique blend of artisanal flair and craft with nothing to hide. Especially not our ingredients… Each ingredient is hand selected before being combined into a chorus of taste and texture that ensures no two pieces of LES RECETTES DE L’ATELIER are ever exactly the same. Come for the view, stay for the finest European chocolate.
The bar
No Ordinary ingredients
Each blueberry, cranberry, and raisin is a chosen one, bursting with flavour, they are set apart for their exceptional qualities and preserved to perfection before being surrounded by the finest European chocolate.
Almonds and Hazelnuts
& Hazelnuts
Our whole roasted almonds and crunchy hazelnuts are picked precisely for their natural taste, texture, and their ability to perfectly compliment a blueberry, a cranberry, or even stand alone in a sea of decadent chocolate.
No ordinary ingredients

Visibly unique and authentic

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