Nestlé Canada’s Nesquik proudly supports the Toonies for Tummies Campaign

Monday, January 23, 2023

Nestlé Canada and Nesquik are pleased to support the 2023 Toonies for Tummies Campaign and all efforts to raise funds and awareness for student nutrition and food insecurity in Canada. 

Hosted by The Grocery Foundation, the campaign helps fund over 3,000 programs in cities and small towns across Canada. Currently it’s estimated that over 2 million children in Canada are living without guaranteed access to nutritious school meals and it’s through school nutrition programs that Toonies for Tummies can support school-aged children across Ontario, Western and Atlantic Canada.  

Toonies for Tummies runs until March 16 (check the website for your province's exact campaign dates) and all donations benefit local student nutrition programs in the communities where the donations are made. You can also donate online or help by purchasing select products from sponsoring brands, including Nestlé’s Nesquik. 

Using the “Toonie Tracker” on, donations can be tracked with a postal code and the impact on local programs can be seen. 

Help make feeding children a priority. Give a toonie, fill a tummy. 

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