Nestlé Canada Achieves 10% Sodium Reduction Across its Portfolio

Monday, May 09, 2016

We've successfully achieved a 10 percent reduction in sodium across our portfolio of products (by volume). This comes ahead of schedule from our original goal date of December 2016. The reduction in sodium is one of many global commitments we have made to improve the nutritional profile of our products.

In addition to meeting our own sodium commitments, 90 per cent of our products across our frozen meals, pizza, ice cream, beverages and confectionery brands already meet Health Canada’s maximum sodium targets. 

“We've been working steadily to reduce sodium to provide better choices while retaining the same great taste in our products,” said Shelley Martin, President and CEO, Nestlé Canada. “While achieving this commitment is a significant accomplishment, our focus is to continuously improve our products and we will continue to look for opportunities to reduce sodium even further.” 

Progress to-date in Canada includes:

  • An average of 12% sodium reduction across the Delissio Rising Crust pizza range (per 1/6 pizza serving)

  • 14% sodium reduction from Stouffer’s Chicken Pot Pie (per 283 g serving) 

  • 17% sodium reduction from Drumstick Chocolate Peanut Butter (per 140 ml cone)

  • 31% sodium reduction from Parlour Super Sandwich (per 200 ml sandwich)

Our sodium reduction efforts are carefully implemented in accordance with the Nestlé Nutrition Profiling System and the Nestlé Nutritional Foundation criteria (NNF). It’s important that the improved products deliver a stronger nutritional profile without compromising taste or food safety. Recipes are tested with consumer panels and at least 60 out of 100 people must prefer the Nestlé product over the competitor’s.


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