Meet Andreanne Simard: A Woman with a Lifelong Passion for Water

Andreanne Simard: A Woman with a Lifelong Passion for Water

Wednesday, December 02, 2020

At Nestlé Canada, we have so many talented people working together to make our products Better by the Day. To celebrate them, we’ve launched a series of short videos to help you get to know the people of Nestlé. Next up: Andreanne Simard.


Water is something I have always been passionate about. I grew up next to the St. Lawrence River; I’ve lived in communities beside the Great Lakes; I’ve been around groundwater wells for half my life and, now, my family has our own well. From a very young age, I had a profound appreciation for water. As my two young daughters grow up, I can see that same appreciation for water shine through in the way they value our water at home. My job now as a Natural Resources Manager at Nestlé Waters Canada is all about maintaining a safe, sustainable water supply.


On a typical day at work, you’ll see me driving around in my pick-up truck, wearing my steel-toed boots and getting knee-deep in the wetlands that surround our community. I do a lot in the field, whether it’s measuring stream flows and water levels, taking samples or working with turtle experts. I love the outdoors because it fuels my passion for my work.


I love that I get to work in the field of science, and that I learn new things every day. I think that this sets a really positive example for my daughters, teaching them that they can do anything if they have the passion.


I think what I like most about my work is how it keeps me connected to my local community. You’ll often see me monitoring residential wells or holding community office hours for residents. I answer questions about water supply and listen to concerns from my neighbours. This is a really important part of my job that I take very seriously. I get a really good feeling when I’ve helped someone understand more about a resource that is precious to all of us.


At the end of the day, we all just want a safe, sustainable water supply. Every day we’re learning more about our operations and more about the communities we’re in. And that’s really what my job is all about.