Buying and Selling Nestlé Products for Resale (Retailers)

Thursday, June 30, 2022

If you need to advise us of a product safety or concern, click here
Contact your closest wholesaler for small, one-time orders, or your local distributor for bulk orders.


We have pretty big size requirements for bulk orders. If you’re looking for a one-time order or a smaller batch of Nestlé Canada products, your closest wholesaler will be able to help you. If you are a retailer looking to place a bulk order, please contact your local distributor to place your order.

Unfortunately, we only sell to our retail customers for resale within Canada and export directly to our affiliates. It may cause us to miss out on some opportunities, but it’s just one of our global policies that can’t be changed.


Contact us: 

If you are looking to connect with our general retail line, please contact 1-800-500-5634. 


Ice cream orders: 

To place an ice cream order, credit inquiry or inquire about your existing order, please contact our Order Desk line at 1-888-763-7853.

If you have an issue with your freezer or need technical assistance, please contact 1-866-763-7853 and press 2 for assistance.

If you’re a retailer who wants to purchase Nestlé ice cream products from your local distributor, we can help you get the ball rolling at


For Ice Cream related inquiries,  please contact Customer Care team and they will respond within 48 hours

Send an email: [email protected]

Call the customer care team, phone 1-888-763-7853. 


For waters orders:



Note: If you are a consumer, you can purchase our products at most major retailers. If you are encountering a problem or an issue, we want to hear from you as well! Please connect with our Consumer Ambassadors and visit: