We are Nestlé

We make meals and snacks that complement busy days, and warm sips to savour with slow moments. We also make nutrition solutions to help you through different life stages. We make it all with a drive to constantly improve our products and our company.

This is our story


Years in the

It all started in 1867 with a man named Henri

Nutrition has always been at the heart of what we do. Our story began when Henri Nestlé developed the first milk-based baby formula for babies who were unable to feed from their mothers. His Farine Lactée formula actually saved the life of his neighbour’s premature baby. You might say he was an olden day hero!

A lot has changed over the last 150 years. But our unwavering commitment to making good food hasn’t.

A world of nutritious and delicious choices, made with Nestlé

Yes, we make your Favourite Chocolate

But that’s just a teeny tiny part of what we do

We also make the perfect scoop.

We also make

The perfect scoop

We make dinners that bring the whole family together. We make dinners that bring the whole family together.

We make dinners that bring the

Whole family together

We make refreshing beverages.

We make


And heartwarming



We make small indulgences.
We make strong, growing babies.

We make strong,

growing babies

Infant nutrition
We make nourishment for healthy lives.

We make nourishment for

healthy lives

We even make tails wage! We even make tails wage!

We even make

tails wag!

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Nestlé makes good, too

Of all the things we make, we are proudest of the ones that make a positive difference

  • 40% Less Sugar!

  • 4 flavours made with 5 simple (and simply delicious) ingredients

  • No artificial flavours or colours here


We’re reducing sugar, saturated fat, and salt across all our products by 10% by the end of this year.

More good changes to come!

Striving for better, from bean to bar

Our favourite ingredient is care. Check out the sustainability story behind your favourite chocolate bars.

There's no taste like home

We're proud to make many of our products right here in Canada.

a map of Canada.

We feed our community more than great food

We're proud of our initiatives that help foster stronger, healthier communities.


We’ve donated over 1 Million bottles of water to communities affected by Natural disasters, dehydration and municipal water failures.

  • Youth @ work

    Over the next 3 years, we’re helping 5,000 young Canadians develop their professional skills, grow their network, and increase their employability.

    Care to join us?

  • Nestlé cares

    All our employees are given day a year to volunteer. But many of us go way beyond!

  • Kids help phone
  • Canada agriculture and food museum
  • Unitedway
  • Food banks Canada
  • Food allergy Canada

A proud partner

We are proud to work with all of these amazing organizations.

This may be the end of the page, but it’s nowhere near the end of our story. We’re committed to constantly challenging and improving ourselves to make the best products we can, and to be the best company we can be.

Check out our latest news to see how we’re bringing Good Food, Good Life to your kitchen table, and the world!