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We’ll stop at nothing to make your break better. Not even at a picturesque waterfall.

The Official Bar of Break Taking for over 80 years!

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You could win The Ultimate Break Room

Whether you love to game, travel, or jam out, show us your favorite kind of break on social and you could win an ultimate break room to match.


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    Visit Costa Rica and get a 4-night, all-inclusive stay for two. Hotel and air travel included. *Pet spider monkey not included.

  • Music Prize Icon


    Win 2 passes to a summer music festival for you and a friend (ideally with similar taste in music). Hotel and air travel included.

  • Gaming Prize Icon


    Get the ultimate game room right in your home, with a 65" 4K TV, premium gaming chair, and all the hardware you'll need to crush the competition.

Instagram Directions

  • Step 1

    Show us your favourite kind of break with a photo, video, or comment.

  • Step 2

    Include one of these hashtags: #TravelBreakRoom #MusicBreakRoom #GamingBreakRoom

  • Step 3

    Make sure that your account is 'public.'

  • Step 4

    You're now entered. Celebrate with some KitKat®.

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Here’s a shameless yet delicious plug for our NEW chocolaty, wafery, video-y video.


In this original video series from Vice and KITKAT, we deep dive into birding breaks by rockstars.