Assortment Not Equal in Halloween Nestlé Assorted Minis

Monday, September 12, 2022

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We package our boxes of Assorted Minis so that you receive an assortment of each of the treats listed.

All of the chocolates in our Assorted Minis treats are mixed at random and packaged by weight. While we include all flavours in each box, sometimes you may receive more flavours than others. The assortment is based on weight so it's possible to receive more of one flavour than others, depending on the package size.

 If you are looking only for a particular chocolate, we do sell them in an individualized 25 pack.

If your package doesn’t have a reasonably balanced assortment, we want to know about it. We appreciate if you can share the product information which we’ll pass on to our Quality Assurance team for awareness and continuous improvements.  

Please provide as many details as possible:  

  • UPC (Bar Code) 
  • Manufacturing code (series of numbers) 
  • Best Before date 
  • Store name and location of purchase  
  • Photo  

We will be happy to help and hear from you! 

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