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It’s a break from the ordinary.
The newest innovation in chocolate has arrived. KITKAT Ruby uses ruby cocoa beans to create a new kind of chocolate that tastes fruity and creamy. It’s pinkredible.

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80 years in the breaking
The New Chocolate
So what is Ruby Cocoa?
Introducing, for the first time ever, an innovation in chocolate that’s as delectable as it is breathtaking. It’s a brand new type of chocolate, using the natural wonder that are ruby cocoa beans, specially selected for their striking ruby colour and unique flavour. It’s this newly discovered secret that makes KITKAT Ruby a true pleasure for all of the senses.
No Added Flavours
The beauty of Ruby.
KITKAT Ruby is creamy, rich, and tastes like no chocolate in the history of chocolate. Its berry fruitiness comes naturally from ruby cocoa beans, balanced by the crisp wafer of KITKAT. Altogether creating a unique chocolate experience that’s delightful on the taste buds and stunning to the eyes.
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KITKAT red k image
Enough Talk?
Find KITKAT Ruby in stores across Canada…while supplies last.
KITKAT Ruby bar image