Our Commitment

At Nestlé Canada we are fiercely committed to respecting all people across our company and country. We are determined today more than ever to stay true to our commitment to build an inclusive organization that draws strength from our differences. But we have watched with sadness and horror the acts of racism against the Black community. And we know for every overt act of discrimination there are countless quiet actions – conscious and unconscious – that occur everyday to marginalize our friends, neighbours and colleagues. So we must confront the fact that racism surrounds us to make lasting change. Communities around us are hurting and angry and we admit we have few answers but we are listening and we are learning. We are taking this time to look internally, talk with our people by hosting discussion groups and bringing in experts on these issues. We are actively learning about what community groups are doing and how we can support. For all of us at Nestlé, we know we can do more and the time is now.