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Learn about our commitment to sustainability practices for a better cocoa.

Good Inside and Out

While we source our cocoa from Côte d’Ivoire, many of our products are made right here in Canada. We put tremendous effort into ensuring they’re made using quality ingredients sourced in a responsible way.

Nestle Cocoa Plan

Our dedication continues

The Nestlé Cocoa Plan is invested in improving access to education. That’s why we’ve partnered with NGOs and local organizations to build 42 schools in Côte D’Ivoire and make school access easier for over 10,000 kids.


We're Stronger Together

It wouldn’t be possible to make progress without our partners –grassroots organizations, NGOs, famer groups such as co-operatives, as well as government bodies and private companies.

International Cocoa Initiative

The International Cocoa Initiative helps us in our efforts to eliminate child labour and increase child protection.

Fair Labor Association

The Fair Labor Association does deep dive audits into the labour conditions on farms supplying us and publishes the results together with our actions.

UTZ Better Farming Better Future

Farmers and farmer organizations are audited to see if they are up to the UTZ standard. Certification gives consumers added assurance that the cocoa was produced with respect for people and the planet.

World Cocoa Foundation

The World Cocoa Foundation pulls together chocolate companies and cocoa processors to work together for the benefit of farmers.

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Learn more about the the Nestlé Cocoa Plan, the work we’ve done, and what we’re doing next.


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