DEL MONTE Frozen Fruit Bars

10 x 50 ml

What's better than the simple deliciousness grown by nature? DEL MONTE Strawberry Frozen Fruit Bars (10 x 50 ml) are made with the pure goodness of real strawberries, creating truly refreshing frozen treats that'll satisfy those fresh fruit cravings, all year round. With only 50 calories and 9 g of sugar per 50 ml bar, and no artificial colours or flavours, you get all of the natural goodness of strawberries. Why mess with what nature has perfected? They pair nicely with hot summer days, or times when you just want something tasty to chill with. Enjoy the sweet, refreshing taste of real fruit - simply frozen!

Also available in other, real fruit flavours: Mango, Banana 1/2 Dipped, Berries & Cream, and Mixed Berry & Peach

    DEL MONTE Frozen Fruit Bars Features and Benefits

    • Frozen fruit bars made with real strawberries, bursting with refreshing fruit flavour

    • No artificial colours or flavours

    • Only 50 calories and 9 g of sugar per 50 ml bar - a light frozen treat option

    • The perfect way to satisfy those strawberry cravings all year round

    • Proudly made in Canada at our London, Ontario location

    DEL MONTE Frozen Fruit Bars Nutrition Information

    Per 1 bar (50 ml)
    % DV
    12 g
    9 g
    9 %
    0 g
    0 %
    0.1 g
    1 mg
    0 %
    % DV
    30 mb
    1 %

    DEL MONTE Frozen Fruit Bars Ingredients

    Sugars [apple juice from concentrate (water, apple juice concentrate), strawberry purée, sugar, glucose], water, strawberries, lemon and beet juice concentrate, guar gum, carob bean gum, pectin, calcium chloride, natural flavour.