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As a retailer or business owner, you're busy! We want to make it easy to get the information you need - That's why we've highlighted some common questions and concerns below for easier access.

 If you’re looking for a one-time order or a smaller batch, your closest wholesaler will be able to help you. If you are a retailer looking to place a bulk order, please contact your local distributor to place your order.

Our Nestlé Connect Program allows eligible and existing vendors to submit claims for expired or damaged products including Nestlé Confectionary chocolate, beverage and nutrition products. To access the portal, simply go to to login.

If you’re a retailer or a business owner and have encountered a problem or an issue with one of our ice cream products, we want to hear from you. Please contact our Ice Cream Customer Care team and they will respond within 48 hours. 

To place an ice cream order, credit inquiry or inquire about your existing order, or have an issue with your freezer or need technical assistance, contact the number below. 

 Note: If you are a consumer, you can purchase our products at most major retailers. If you are encountering a problem, we want to hear from you as well! Please connect with our Consumer Ambassadors and visit:

For all other requests, please connect with the appropriate Customer Care team below.

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