DELISSIO Crispy Pan Meat Lovers

598 g

Indulge in deliciousness and irresistible crust with DELISSIO Crispy Pan Meat Lovers Pizza – loaded with toppings, cheese, and pure pizza satisfaction. This cheese-lovers pizza is loaded with Italian sausage, seasoned beef, and pepperoni. Not to mention whatever toppings you want to add yourself. It’s all ready to bake in its own pan for edge-to-edge cheese and crispy caramelized crust. IT’S NOT DELIVERY, ITS DELISSIO!

    DELISSIO Crispy Pan Meat Lovers Features and Benefits

    • Loaded with Italian sausage, seasoned beef, & pepperoni

    • Comes ready-to-bake in a pan for edge-to-edge cheese & has a crispy, caramelized crust

    • Crust is crispy on the exterior, soft and tender on the inside

    • Made with only high-quality ingredients for a fresh-baked taste


    DELISSIO Crispy Pan Meat Lovers Nutrition Information

    Per 1/3 pizza (199 g)
    % DV
    53 g
    3 g
    11 %
    5 g
    5 %
    31 g
    41 %
    40 mg
    Saturated Fat
    9 g
    48 %
    Trans Fat
    0.5 g
    24 g
    900 mg
    39 %
    % DV
    300 mg
    23 %
    4.5 g
    25 %
    350 mg
    7 %

    DELISSIO Crispy Pan Meat Lovers Ingredients

    Crust (wheat flour, water, corn oil, wheat gluten, yeast, sugar, salt, milk ingredient, flavour, ascorbic acid), part-skim mozzarella cheese (partly skimmed milk, bacterial culture, salt, microbial enzyme), sauce (water, tomato paste, soya oil, salt, garlic, spices and herbs), cooked italian sausage (pork, water, textured soy protein, salt, sugar, soya oil, pork fat, sodium phosphate, spices, flavour), cooked seasoned beef (beef, water, textured soy protein, potato, salt, hydrolyzed corn, soy, and wheat proteins, sugars [corn syrup solids, corn maltodextrin], garlic, beef and pork fat, soya oil, sodium phosphate, flavour, spices), pepperoni (pork, salt, sugars [dextrose], bacterial culture, pork stock, garlic powder, sodium nitrite, sodium ascorbate, citric acid, smoke flavour, flavour, spices [mustard]).

    Keep pizza frozen while preheating. Do not eat without cooking. Product must be cooked thoroughly to a minimum internal temperature of 160°F (71°C) for food safety and quality. Adjust oven rack to centre position. Your oven temperature may vary so adjust baking time and oven temperature as necessary. Pizza is done when cheese is melted and edges are golden brown. Let stand 5 min. before serving. Caution: Pizza will be very hot. Handle with care.

    Cook thoroughly.


    1. Preheat oven to 400°F (205°C).
    2. Remove film from pan.
    3. Place pan directly on centre oven rack. Bake 23–25 minutes. Extra crispy crust: Add 3 minutes.
    4. Remove pan from oven & place on heat-resistant surface. Let stand 5 minutes.
    5. Remove pizza from pan with spatula before cutting.