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Using our global scale for good. One cup at a time.

Make your World

Small cup. Big impact.

We work with coffee farmers to help enhance their resilience to climate change, improve their incomes, and build stronger communities. Because we believe everyone deserves a chance to make their world.

Supporting Farmers

How we’re helping coffee farmers transition to more sustainable practices.

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Supporting farmers

Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative agriculture is an approach to farming that aims to improve soil health and soil fertility – as well as protect water resources and biodiversity. Through these practices, we aim to make your coffee more sustainable for the future.

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Regenerative Agriculture

Partnering with others

We’re proud to partner with organizations with knowledge and expertise for us to evaluate, improve, and adapt our activities to bring long-term benefits to hundreds of thousands of coffee farmers. The Rainforest Alliance helps us make sure we’re seeing visible results in our field programs. We work with 4C to help build a more sustainable supply chain and improve farmer livelihoods.

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Rainforest Alliance

Our progress so far

We’re committed to Nescafé Plan 2030 and are cultivating a difference with every cup. Read about our progress so far and our goals for the future.

See 2022 Progress Report Nescafé Plan 2030

See 2022 Progress Report